10 Ways for Businesses to Save Money on their Energy Bills

With energy prices rocketing, it’s more important than ever for businesses to save energy – and money. Here are some ideas to help keep those bills as low as possible.

1. Switch things off at the end of the day, especially lights, monitors, printers and so forth.

2. Encourage your employees to remove their devices from the plug after charging them

3. Eliminate the use of paper in the office as much as possible. It’s not always viable or practical to remove paper entirely, but you can implement paperless meetings and remove the need for meeting packs, for example.

4. Reduce the number of printers in your office as these tend to be energy hungry. Equally, carry out an audit of your networked and switched-on kit to see if any devices can be taken offline entirely to remove their energy consumption.

5. Look at your energy tariff and see whether you can get onto a better deal and one that is ideally powered by clean and green renewable energy.

6. Switch to energy efficient lighting throughout the office and turn off lights in parts of the office that aren’t being used. Lighting can be one of the most energy-intensive aspects of running a business, often responsible for up to 40% of electricity usage.

7. Commission an energy audit from a green energy consultancy and audit provider. These organisations go into businesses and assess where they are currently using, and wasting, energy and give practical recommendations to reduce consumption and emissions.

8. Set up a green group to come up with ideas that help you to save energy as a business and to become greener in your operation.

9. Only buy equipment and assets that run energy efficiently. Consider using chargeable batteries, implementing EV charging stations and so forth.

10. Turn the thermostat down in the office so that you aren’t spending more than you need to on the heating. Often, employees find offices to be over-heated, so people will rapidly get used to wearing a warmer layer.

Which of these energy-saving ideas will you try first? Cut your energy, your carbon footprint, and your bills at once with some smart changes and some ‘green’ thinking!

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