AELTC Wimbledon Championship Job Vacancy

Day Team Leader

We are happy to see your interest to be part of the team for The Championships 2024. The overall purpose of the role you are applying for is to ensure the housekeeping services are up to Wimbledon standards, completing the following cleaning duties which will be allocated by your supervisor and/or Zonal Manager.

Key Responsibilities

  • To ensure the team complete all housekeeping/cleaning tasks, within your working area, required for The Champs 2024, and guarantee the standards are achieved.
  • To ensure all correct cleaning materials, equipment and methods are always used and the equipment is kept clean and tidy, ensuring any faulty machinery is reported to your supervisor or Zonal Manager immediately.
  • To ensure then team always wears the uniform and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplied by TSS Team and ensure is kept clean and tidy.
  • To report all accidents, incidents, or dangerous occurrences (near miss) to TSS Management team as soon as possible.
  • To answer radio calls when required.
  • To assist AELTC Security Team in identifying security issues.
  • To ensure all the tasks listed above are carried out following the Health and Safety legislation.
  • To comply with the TSS Policies and Procedures, which will be fully explained during the Management Training Day.
  • To ensure TSS devices (phone and radios) are kept in good condition and returned to the office at the end of your shift.
  • To report to your Supervisor and Zonal Manager at the end of your shift.
  • To act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration.
  • To help supervisor keep track of all team members and how they are progressing.

Skills, Behaviour and Attitude

  • Competent in spoken English, able to communicate clearly and fully understand verbal instruction and training. Able to communicate reasonably in written English.
  • Open, friendly, and approachable manners towards members of other teams and visitors.
  • “Can do attitude” is essential during the preparation and The Championships.
  • Reliable, timely and consistent
  • Courteous, professional and helpful with other members of the team, guests, and visitors.
  • Attend the management training when required.
  • Excellent communication skills. This includes communicating with the members about work and progress.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Time management.


Day Team Leader


Various Day Shift

Average Championship
2 Weeks Earnings:

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