Mental Health Awareness Week 9th to 15th May

Mental health is something that we are all thinking about more than ever. The past two years have been hard on everyone, but it can still be hard to have discussions about our mental health. Here we take a look at how Mental Health Awareness Week could help.

When is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event, and this week it falls from the 9th May to the 15th May. This is a week dedicated to raising awareness of mental health struggles, showing how we can see the signs in others, and destigmatising this.

What is Mental Health Awareness Week for?

Every year, Mental Health Awareness Week has a slightly different theme that is highlighted. This year the theme is loneliness – and this is something that impacts adults all over the UK. Loneliness can not only be difficult for people to deal with, but it can also cause worse overall mental health. Not only that, but those with existing mental health conditions are even more likely to be lonely and isolated.

Mental health in the workplace

Having conversations about mental health can always be difficult, but it is important for everyone to know they can talk about any issues they may be experiencing. Staff should also be aware of how to spot common signs of mental health issues in those who may not be open about their difficulties.

Mental Health Champions

At work, it is vital to provide resources for mental health and Total Support Services Limited have mental health champions who have received Mental Health First Aid training to provide support for those experiencing tough moments with mental health. Our mental health champions are on hand to challenge the stigmas around mental health, and to help encourage better mental health throughout our organisation.

While there is no single cause of loneliness or solution for it, this Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect time to begin talking about this common issue among adults. It is also a great way to think about creating a safe space where you can be more open about mental health throughout the year.