Pest Odyssey 2021 – Featuring Greg Fee from Total IPM

Pests are becoming an increasingly common problem as time goes on, but it’s important to know how to manage them before they become a larger issue that can’t be taken care of easily or quickly enough. Read on to learn about Pest Odyssey 2021 and the importance of pest management.

What is Pest Odyssey?

Pest Odyssey 2021 is a conference that aims to bring together experts in pest management from all over the world. 

When did the conference take place?

Pest Odyssey took place as a virtual conference from 20th to 22nd September.

What did the event cover?

Featuring keynote speakers, including our very own Greg Fee from Total IPM (Integrated Pest Management) with breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. The purpose of the event is to offer valuable insight on the latest techniques in pest control as well as up-to-date information about regulatory changes that could affect your business. The event also focused on the latest research and trends for pest management over the last 10 years. There were several key topics that were discussed at the conference, including preventing pests from getting into your home or business, pesticides and their impacts on people and wildlife, environmental sustainability, among others.

– Learn about new technologies and how they can help your business.
– Network with other professionals in the industry
– Find out what’s happening on the regulatory front.

The importance of pest management

• Rodents carry diseases that can be transmittable to humans such as malaria and Lyme Disease
• Rodents carry other pests such as ticks and fleas with them
• Without pest management, food sanitation, health regulations, and food regulation would not be achieved
• Establish guidelines to monitor each pest species
• Implement and reflect upon the control tactics

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