Staying Safe Whilst Working Outdoors in the Summer Months

For most people, the arrival of summer can feel like a joyous occasion – particularly in the UK, where it can often feel like the sunshine is a long way off!

However, when you are working outdoors in the summer sunshine, it’s important to make sure you’re taking extra care of yourself to avoid harm that can occur when the weather heats up.

We’ve put together a few quick reminders to help you stay safe in the summer months:

Stay protected
You should be wearing sunscreen every day during the summer months. For most people that means an SPF of at least 15-20, but if you have particularly pale skin, you may wish to go higher.

Apply your sunscreen before you leave for work, and take it with you so that you’re able to reapply as needed throughout the day.

Sunscreen is essential even on cloudy days – just because it doesn’t feel sunny, doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t still potentially harmful.

If your uniform allows, always try to wear a hat too. Having the sun beat down on your head for extended periods can cause headaches and accelerate dehydration.

Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated at work is always important, but it is especially so during the summer months. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, a lack of concentration and even dizzy spells, surprisingly quickly.

Make sure you have access to fresh water at all times, and that you are drinking little and often throughout the day.

Stay alert
If you find you’re starting to feel faint in the heat, don’t waste any time in reporting your symptoms to your line manager.

Chances are, a short break out of direct sun, in a shaded or indoor spot, plus plenty of water, will help you to recover quickly, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Stay cool
As well as drinking plenty of water throughout your working day, try to take your breaks in the shade wherever possible too. Much as it might be tempting to enjoy the sun when you don’t have to be working in it, your body will appreciate the break from it and the chance to cool down.

Working outdoors in the summer can certainly be enjoyable, so long as you take steps to safe while you do!