The End of Covid Restrictions in England

The End of Covid Restrictions in England
Boris Johnson has announced that he expects all Covid restrictions in place in England will be lifted by the end of February, a month earlier than they are currently scheduled to. With the legal considerations potentially changing, it’s important to keep updated with the latest information from the government that could affect your working conditions, and what you should do if you catch Covid.

Currently, mandatory isolation of 5 full days after a positive test are set to end on the 24th of March. However, the UK Prime Minister has stated his hope that this relaxation of restrictions could happen up to a full month earlier if hospitalisations and deaths due to Covid continue to fall.

What to do if you get ill
The government has confirmed that people are urged to stay home if they test positive for Covid, but they will not be breaking the law if they don’t. A spokesperson explained that Covid will be treated similarly to other transmissible diseases such as the flu virus, where sick people are already advised to stay at home and avoid others to prevent further infection.

This places most of the responsibility onto employers, who may have to implement their Covid policies and safety precautions to ensure a safe workplace. This may mean a re-introduction of mandatory mask-wearing, socially distanced workplaces and Covid test reporting.

The Rest of the UK
The rest of the UK Restrictions are largely decided by each country of the UK’s own ruling body, so this announcement from Johnson only applies to England. Scotland and Wales have their advice, with Wales still currently aiming to lift remaining restrictions on the 24th of March.

Scotland’s restrictions are currently scheduled to last until September, but with their position being assessed every three weeks, make sure to check out their website at regularly for updates.

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