The Importance of Awareness Around Modern Slavery for the Modern Company

Companies have many responsibilities to their employees, and chief amongst these is to ensure they are safe, treated fairly and with respect. Unfortunately, current circumstances in the world that leave many vulnerable individuals in difficult situations mean that modern slavery is an ongoing issue and one that businesses must remain alert to when considering the employees in their care.

Awareness of modern slavery risks in the workforce
Modern Slavery, in the context of company responsibility, is defined as the exploitation of an individual for commercial gain. This can take the form of employing individuals who have reached the country the company is located in through human trafficking, forced labour or debt-bonded labour – which might be taking place in a country outside of the company’s base to employees who are not visible due to remote working, but is something employers need to be vigilant in cutting out and reporting. Demonstrating a commitment to fair employment treatment, through connections to organisations such as the Living Wage Foundation is one such way to approach this, as well as vetting procedures and thorough pre-employment checks on those joining the company.

Awareness of modern slavery risks in the supply chain
Companies must ensure they are not being complacent when it comes to their workforce, but to their wider supply chain too. This applies in two directions – in that the company has a responsibility to ensure they are treating suppliers fairly, but also to ensure the suppliers they are choosing to use treat their employees fairly too and that they are not engaging in modern slavery practices. There is government guidance available to assist employers in their supply chain management regulations, e.g. the 2017 regulations on”>reporting on payment practices and performance regulations, designed to assist employers in considerations for their supply chain, such as rules around late payments.

Total Support Services’ Modern Slavery Statement
Total Support Services employs over 3,500 team members, so is aware of the necessity for a watertight approach to ruling out modern slavery within the organisation and duty of care to its employees. Those who are interested in the work being done by Total Support Services can read the 2022 Modern Slavery statement”>at this link.