The importance of touchpoint cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic

You missed a bit!

One of the many lessons from the coronavirus pandemic is how important thorough cleaning is. However, while we’ve all been concentrating on our hands and mouths, are there touchpoint places we have overlooked?

To put that in context, in the last 30 minutes, you probably touched around 300 surfaces. Now think about how that impacts workplaces and public buildings!

Even post-pandemic, companies must pay more attention to all those handles, bannisters and countertops that frequently get touched by fingers and even whole hands. It’s shocking to think about how many viruses and other pathogens are passed around by simply leaning on the till area as you pay in a restaurant or shop. Not to mention the ‘grips’ and seat backs on public transport, and locks on public toilet doors.

Schools especially need to be highly conscious of touchpoints, as reminding children and young people of the importance of hand hygiene is a constant struggle.

Infection control in workplaces

In any manufacturing, warehouse or engineering environment, you have shared equipment and tools, as well as benches, racking and other surfaces people frequently press their palms or fingers on.

If your workplace is an office, don’t think your touchpoint cleaning needs are any less demanding! In the age of hot-desking and modular workstations, how many fingers touch your desk phones, keyboards, mouses, chairbacks, light switches and door handles? Then there are your lift buttons, handrails at entrances and bannisters on staircases.

Even the screens erected to shield your reception team and other staff are now a touchpoint hazard, as are any payment gadgets you use in your business.

Best methods for touchpoint cleansing

As with all COVID-19 safety procedures – and cleaning routines post-pandemic – being methodical is the best way to meet modern safety and hygiene standards in workplaces and public buildings.

This includes not just cleaning everywhere, but also segregating your cleaning fluids, clothes, gloves and other equipment according to the area of operation they are used for.

The ideal solution is to find a sanitising services company that knows exactly what products and equipment best treat different touchpoint surfaces.

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