Tips to Beat the Soaring Energy Costs

In these days of seemingly endless energy price rises, it becomes imperative to learn how to save energy and therefore money. Keeping an eye on your energy use and understanding exactly what it is using the most power can make hundreds of pounds of difference. Turning a few appliances off standby mode and taking precautions when using others will help you save those extra pennies. We’ve found a few tried and tested methods to keep your bills as low as possible.

Turn it Off
Once you’re done using something, be it your printer or office lighting, switch it off at the wall. Known as ‘Vampire Power’, the energy use of appliances in standby mode can easily cost households hundreds and business thousands a year. Some of the main culprits are desktop computers, televisions/monitors and scanner printers. PC’s often run with updates in the background causing them to use a lot of standby power. Make sure you switch off the plug!

Fill Those Gaps
An enormous amount of heat is wasted in any building due to gaps in insulation. Ensuring all your windows and doors have those draughty gaps filled and your roof properly insulated is a sure-fire way to guarantee a drop in energy bills. Heating a business in winter is always the most daunting for anyone trying to save on bills so why not arm yourself with extra insulation? You’re paying for the heating; you make as well try and keep it in your building!

Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting
Leaving your lighting on in your business is a big no-no anyway but changing your bulbs out for something more energy efficient will make all the difference. You can’t really have your business run in the dark so you will have to have the bulbs burning throughout open hours. Switch out your old bulbs for the newer, much more energy efficient, LED alternative. They last longer, provide cleaner and brighter light, and cost your energy bill much less. The original cost of replacement will quickly be offset by savings.

Knowing the correct information can make all the difference to your energy bills!