Why is a Risk Assessment so Important?

Every cleaning contractor should have an accurate and up-to-date risk assessment in place for every job they undertake. A risk assessment is a vital part of preparing for any and every contract, however big or small. Risk assessments are a legal requirement, but the benefits reach far beyond just fulfilling an obligation.

What is a risk assessment?
A risk assessment is the process in which you formally identify any and all potential risks and hazards that may occur during a specific task. Every eventuality should be considered, even those that may appear unlikely to be encountered.

Why is it so important?
Performing a risk assessment is an imperative part of any occupational health and safety plan. Not only to identify and be aware of potential dangers but to formally identify the best ways to actively mitigate against them.

By making yourself aware of potential hazards, you can be better informed, and take the necessary precautions to keep your people safe. You can also, in turn, make sure your staff are well informed of any potential dangers and the measures they should be responsible for taking too.

Which tasks should be risk assessed?
All of the tasks that you require your staff to perform should be assessed individually, because they may incur different potential hazards which require separate interventions to allow the risk to be made acceptable.

By preparing a risk assessment for each individual task, you will also be able to identify the proper methods and the best equipment which will help to minimise such risk.

Who should know about the risk assessment results?
Of course, it’s important that your HR and Health & Safety people know about each risk assessment, and that a copy is always kept on file. However, perhaps the most important part of the process is to inform your employees of the findings.

It is vitally important to convey to your employees the potential risks associated with their jobs. It is equally important to ensure that they understand those risks and therefore appreciate the importance of following the correct procedures you set out for their own safety.

Ultimately, a comprehensive risk assessment is an employer’s best tool to help keep their staff safe and their business running carefully and efficiently.