Why it is Important to Reaffirm Good Health & Safety Practices Whilst Following COVID19 Protocols

The world is very slowly starting to return to some normality. Of course, we’re not in the clear yet – but businesses are finally able to re-open and can focus on getting their organisation up and running again. As we all step back into a work environment, coronavirus safety is, of course, at the front of everyone’s mind – quite rightly.

But as companies think about all of the necessary protocols to keep staff and customers safe from COVID-19, it’s essential not to neglect other health and safety arrangements.

The importance of being risk-aware, and not just for COVID

For some employees who haven’t been in a working environment for over a year, the whole thing may feel a bit alien. Precautions like social distancing, hand sanitising and wearing masks in communal spaces are probably pretty much second nature now – but what about other workplace hazards? It’s worth taking the time to make sure that everyone is up to speed on any accident reporting and prevention or hazard reporting processes and, in particular, Cleaning Operatives receive refresher training for all of the relevant COSHH procedures along with any specific H&S criteria associated with their role such as Manual Handling, PEE, Working at Height etc.

Being protected from COVID-19 is one thing, but there are still plenty of other potential hazards in any workplace, which can easily be managed and mitigated, but only if the workforce is risk-aware and follows relevant health safety procedures.

Why risk assessments are as important as ever

It’s quite likely that your organisation will have thought about a whole new set of risk assessments to enact as everyone returns. After all, robust cleaning and hygiene procedures are going to be important to address the risks posed by any one person in your workplace who becomes infected with COVID-19.

It’s going to be critical that all staff are familiar with these – but why not use the opportunity to also provide a refresher on other basic accident prevention or safe handling of equipment risk assessments? After all – the risk from COVID-19 will slowly reduce, even if it never entirely leaves us – but the risk of other workplace accidents is likely to remain. So, make sure your staff at comfortable and familiar with all of the processes that will keep them safe at work, in COVID times and beyond!

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