Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: The TSS Approach

At TSS, we’re committed to promoting a vibrant, diverse workplace that serves all employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Our core values of Open, Friendly and Approachable Service Delivery have been developed to create this supportive environment; and we have ensured our business practices are designed to be inclusive and accepting of all colleagues, clients – and client customers.

Why have we done this?

Our business recognises the value that a diverse workforce brings to the entire community. When businesses embrace diversity, they welcome a far richer and more representative base of skills, experiences, ideas and insights – which otherwise may not be present. Diverse workplaces represent the communities that they serve – meaning that our customers enjoy better products, services and experiences that reflect their own needs.

The Equality Act of 2010 protects the nine characteristics of equality and diversity, and exists to ensure that every employee and stakeholder is respected and supported. But we go further to ensure our business is truly and meaningfully diverse. For example:

Our core values:

All TSS, we are:

Open – we welcome new ideas, experiences and feedback, and we are flexible in our approach to encourage innovation.

Friendly – we work hard to make everyone feel welcome, supported, encouraged and positive – offering service with a smile.

Approachable – with our friendly, can-do attitude we work hard to make sure every stakeholder and customer in our business can speak to us, offer feedback and share ideas at any time.

We also follow ethical recruitment practices that encourage applicants from across our entire community and ensure that no individual is unfairly disadvantaged. We regularly invest in training that encourages supportive practices in open communication, inclusivity and diversity and other helpful practices that build a vibrant, open, modern and truly diverse business.

Because we recognise that barriers exist to employment amongst certain groups, we go one step further through our CSR work. For example, we actively promote opportunities to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. We offer volunteer days and community-based projects to our employees, support local charities with fundraising and help local initiatives that educate and develop young people in our service areas.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact us or visit our website to find out more about TSS, and what makes us a forward-thinking, inclusive business.