Daily Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning

Retail cleaning is a core aspect of our business offering and, since forming the Company in 1993, we have always maintained a high profile in this marketplace, ensuring our clients’ customers are welcomed by a clean and pleasant environment.

At TSS, we understand the constant demands on retail management to deliver a pristine environment for their customers. As a specialist service provider, we deliver customer focused cleaning utilising a bespoke and tailored approach ensuring optimum efficiency is achieved. Our flexibility of service, combined with a unique customer service training programme delivered to our day staff, ensures that we are able to provide a bespoke cleaning solution within the constantly changing environment of the retail sector.

Heritage Cleaning

The heritage sector includes historic environments and public attractions including palaces, galleries and museums which typically have Listed Building status.  These environments attract large crowds and have huge footfalls, particularly during school and public holidays.

By working closely with a number of our heritage clients, TSS has honed their technical abilities to successfully carry out the daily cleaning services within these busy, public facing environments. Understanding the peaks and troughs of visitor footfall, as well as managing busy events and exhibitions calendars, we are able to provide a well-balanced and flexible workforce.

During this time, we have developed a number of specialist cleaning methods to take into consideration the delicate, historic finishes whilst also ensuring that each and every area is effectively cleaned to a high standard for our clients and the visiting public.

Education Cleaning

The education sector clearly demands a different approach to service provision, taking into account the heavy use that occurs during term-times and the need to maintain a clean and pleasant environment whilst safeguarding students.

Understanding that no two establishments are the same, we are able to provide a complete soft services package whilst ensuring that a robust periodic schedule is in place for the holiday periods.

We ensure that all staff are fully aware of the Health & Safety of all people using the premises and are trained specifically on cleaning systems and methods for the education sector, recognising our constant link to the learning process of the students, and the student experience.

Our experience extends throughout the education sector from primary schools to universities, providing reliable, site specific and cost effective services to each and every educational facility.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is often regarded as ‘simple’ cleaning, however, here at TSS, we know this is not the case as every office is unique and must be looked at individually.

From the outset, we utilise our expert industry knowledge to provide a tailored and flexible solution which, in turn, ensures customer satisfaction throughout the life of the contract.

By way of our dedicated management teams, we can guarantee that our client’s see their Contract Manager regularly, providing clear lines of communication for all key stakeholders and building open and honest working relationships.

Logistical Centre Cleaning

TSS works closely with a number of national logistical operators and understand the need to provide a high quality and flexible service in this fast paced and dynamic environment.

Often these are very large but extremely busy spaces with a high volume of traffic within certain areas at certain times. By working closely with our clients, we have created a winning solution that enables us to carry out the daily cleaning services safely and effectively.