Specialist Cleaning Services

Kitchen/Food Processing Area Deep Cleaning

Commercial catering environments such as kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas must adhere to stringent legislation governing their condition and hygiene standards. Our trained specialists ensure floors, walls, ceilings, lights and all kitchen fittings and equipment are thoroughly cleaned. Our techniques, methodology and quality procedures meet the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations 2013 and provides clients with evidence to prove due diligence.

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Increased concerns about hygiene have led to more scrutiny of washrooms and their relation to human illness. Our specialist teams provide a tailored solution to meet the demands of your washroom requirements by using specialist equipment and chemicals our process thoroughly cleans and sanitises all sanitary ware, floors, showers, taps, walls, light fittings etc ensuring all dirt and grime that harbours bacteria is removed.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Whether Carpet, Tile, Ceramic, Vinyl, Marble or other material, we will advise a customised maintenance plan to suit your needs and budget. Our fully trained operatives are proficient in the periodic maintenance of all types of floors. No matter what surface we are dealing with, we source the chemicals and machinery required and have the expertise to deliver cost effective, excellent results every time.

Jet Washing and Graffiti Removal

Solutions range from removal of graffiti in public places such as buildings, walls etc to high pressure jet washing and cleaning of shopping centres, building entrances and car parks. Pressure washing is the best method for graffiti removal off brick and stone surfaces. It is recommended to use compact pressure washer with low pressure.