Planning for the Return to a COVID-Secure Workplace

As lockdown eases and workplaces begin to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations are reviewing their cleaning and hygiene procedures to ensure a safe return for their employees, visitors and customers.

Robust Measures for Infection Control in the Work Environment

Employers are ultimately responsible for protecting their staff and visitors to the workplace from viruses and pathogens. These can be easily spread through shared equipment, cleaning materials and common touchpoints such as work surfaces, handles and lift buttons. Much can be done to prevent cross-contamination and companies may benefit from consulting a professional sanitising specialist, to seek advice and practical support to maintain high standards.

Workplaces need to consider implementing planned preventative maintenance, such as regular deep cleans and possible ad hoc cleaning if a member of staff tests positive for Coronavirus. Communicating these measures to their staff and customers not only helps to reinforce confidence in the organisation’s commitment to safety, but it can also reflect on a company’s brand values and its wider reputation.

Consistent Communication is Key

It’s important to remember that viruses can be transmitted from people to surfaces, and then potentially onto others who come into contact with a contaminated surface. Organisations are advised to reinforce the official advice given by the Government and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) through their internal communication channels before employees return to the workplace. Consider making it visible through a company newsletter, video screens and on the main intranet pages to act as a reminder about procedures and also provide reassurance whilst staff are at work.

Encouraging frequent handwashing and providing sanitising stations and clear guidance about when masks are to be worn are only part of the equation. Keeping your workplace clean and sanitised is a vital part of the ongoing efforts businesses must take to ensure stringent infection control.

Visit the website for details of the cleaning, hygiene and handwashing measures they recommend, and encourage your employees to do this before they return to work.

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