Waste Management

Waste management is an important part of any contract, particularly in today’s environmentally conscious world, with recycling targets ever increasing and waste to landfill needing to reduce or preferably become zero.

In light of this, TSS has partnered with some forward thinking waste companies who are able to provide complete business waste and recycling initiatives, including:

  • Compacter and bailer provision / servicing
  • General waste disposal – container, skip, euro bin
  • Recycling solutions – cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, WEEE
  • Baling solutions – cardboard, plastic
  • Hygiene vending services and disposal
  • Confidential shredding services

Working closely with our clients and suppliers, we can assess and identify how and where each type of waste material is produced, review current waste production and energy usage levels to deliver a comprehensive report identifying all ‘waste minimisation at source’ opportunities.

Using our approved supplier network, we are able to offer a zero to landfill solution on a national basis.