The Importance of Sustainability within the Cleaning Industry

We only have one planet and in recent years there have been increasing initiatives to look after it. A growing number of people are trying to play their part in cutting their carbon footprint, with statistics showing a global majority of people are showing concern about climate change (

Here are some essential ways to ensure cleaning services are sustainable:

Zero to landfill commitment

It is imperative that cleaning companies support waste management initiatives as, so often, these services go hand in hand. Supporting client’s carbon reduction and sustainability targets through options such as recycling, compacting, shredding, waste to energy and bailing solutions allows fewer items to end up at a landfill site and, in doing so, fulfils our zero to landfill commitment (

We ensure that sustainable management of waste is an integral part of every cleaning contract in order to preserve the environment whilst simultaneously delivering a service that will exceed customer’s expectations.

Cutting back emissions from vehicles

A fleet of vehicles is logistically necessary for cleaning companies to complete their daily work. However, cars and vans significantly contribute to global pollution and carbon emissions. Electric and hybrid cars and vans, rather than petrol or diesel models, are fundamentally better for the environment and sustainability.

Here at Total Support Services, so far this year we have transitioned 9% of our fleet from petrol to hybrid and electric vehicles. These vehicles generate substantially lower emissions from carbon fuels throughout their lifetime. With multiple trips every day, over time this results in a considerable positive difference to carbon reduction.

Reducing the impacts of cleaning products

Some cleaning products can leave an accumulation of chemicals over time – from the chemicals used on your office carpet, to the biofilm that builds up on the floor. They can also be harmful to the environment if poured down the drain or when cloths are rinsed in the sink. That’s why chemical free, natural and biodegradable products are becoming the popular choice of sustainably minded Facilities Managers and cleaning companies alike.

Ensure environmental awareness is a top-priority

It is up to every single one of us to make our positive environmental contribution and so keeping each and every employee fully trained in how to perform sustainable work can make a crucial difference.

Alongside this, it’s also essential to monitor environmental performance to generate feedback from sustainable initiatives and subsequently identify and set performance goals in order to persevere with constant and continual improvement. This can involve such things as a move to reduce packaging, increase recycling or using more chemical-free products.

For sustainable daily and specialist cleaning services, please contact us at Total Support Services.